What is Podiatry?

podiatry involves the medical care and treatment of foot and ankle conditions.  Podiatrists are licensed to perform surgery on a patient for all portions of the extremity below the knee.  Unlike other health care professionals, podiatrists primarily specialize in the care of foot and ankle during the course of their complete medical education.  They have special understanding and knowledge of the biomechanics of the foot, proper molding of orthotics, diabetic foot care and are trained in all surgical procedures for corrcting deformities of the foot, including bunion conditions, hammertoe conditions, bone spurs, neuromas, and other painful conditions.

Dr. Birjandi’s practice covers people of all ages- from children through adult life.  Her practice includes the treatment of sports-related injuries, comprehensive diabetic foot care including on site evaluation and testing of peripheral vascular disease and peripheral neuropathy, surgical correction of most common foot deformities such as bunion and hammertoe deformitites, latest and improved laser technology for treatment of toe nail fungus, warts, and post-operative thick scars, orthotics and AFO ( ankle-foot-orthosis),  Custum made diabetic foot gear and diabetic inserts, and physical therpy: MVT (micro-vascular treatment) for diabetic neuropathy, plantar fasciatis, diabetic and and non-diabetic ulcers.