Diabetic Footcare

We provide a variety of services for  diabetic foot care and prevention.  Our diabetic patients have a yearly vascular ( arterial and venous) evaluation done by Dr. Birjandi with Imex machine.  They are also evaluated for diabetic neuropathy by having a 45 minutes exam performed by our on site Neurology technician that performs the test based on our need and request.  Routine diabetic foot care is also done by Dr. Birjandi every 8 weeks, and can be provided more often if needed.  This consists of nail, callus, and corns debridment.  Also diabetic ulcers are debrided as often as needed and are kept under close supervision by the doctor.  For treatment of diabetic neuropathy, Microvasc physical  therpy is provided in our office to the  patients and the frequency of treatment can be monitered.   Diabetic shoes with custum diabetic inserts are also provided yearly or as needed and are fabricated by Dr. Comfort labratory.  The impressions for the inserts, shoe measurment and shoe selection is done in our office.  Catalog and shoe samples are provided so the patient can decide on the shoe style and color.

All above services are covered by most insurances including Medicare/private or Medicare-Medical.  The above services are provided and covered by insurance companies because they are preventive care and hence saves insurance companies a lot of  money from preventing patients being  admitted to the hospitals for an infected ulcer, amputations  due to neuropathy, ill fitting shoes and poor diabetic foot care and education.

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