How MicroVas Works

MicroVas treatments use strategically placed electrode pads in diametrical pairs so that a comfortable, deep-penetrating waveform may pass entirely through the limb or other body area. Up to eight pairs of pads may be used in tandem to create an extended pumping action, which will improve circulation and further promote the healing process.

Technically speaking, microVas uses ionic impulses to increase blood flow and induce neuromuscular stimulation of the venous muscle pump to increase the metabolic process. This also causes the oxygen level in the blood to rise. As a results, new blood vessels begin to grow (a process called angiogenesis) as well as new nerve tissue (called neurogenesis) so that actual, physical restoration will follow. Testing suggests this progress is cumulative with repeated treatments, and the results to date have been long lasting.

MicroVas Stimulates Angiogenesis

The MicroVas electrical form stimulates angiogenesis, that is, budding of capillaries and generation of denser capillary networks in the tissues. This lays the groundwork for new tissue growth and repair in the healing process.

MicroVas Stimulates Fibroblast Activity

In addition, the MicroVas electrical form directly stimulates the activity of fibroblasts in the healing process. In the healing of ischemic ulcers the fibroblasts act first to build the framework upon which further cell types including skin capillaries grow. The electrical current of the MicroVas System is a deep penetrating current that affects all tissues from the skin to the bone. Technically, the MicroVas System generates an electromagnetic force field between the emitter pads (in contrast to the electrical form of some machines that stays superficial in the tissues, affecting primarily the top centimeter or two). The MicroVas System stimulates activity in bone cells as well, which can accelerate fracture healing.

MicroVas Improves Neuropathy

The MicroVas System shows amazing success in approving neuropathy in the feet of diabetics. In follow up on this condition, improvement has persisted out to four years. To our knowledge, there is no current technology or treatment modality that can reverse diabetic neuropathy. This appears to be a therapeutic benefit unique to MicroVas. It is not known yet how this is occuring. It may be due to improvement in the circulation that nourishes the nerves or an unknown direct action on the nerves.

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