Patient Reviews

02/28/13-Sani P.

“I saw Dr. Birjandi for heel pain that has been bothering me for a long time.  I was very pleased with my experience from beginning to end.  The staff is very friendly and helpful.  I didn’t have to wait long before Dr. Birjandi saw me and I was so impressed by her!  She is a delightful doctor and spent a lot of time with me—I felt her whole focus was on me.  With other doctors, I often feel like they are rushing.  Dr. Birjandi gave me some custom-made orthotics, which have changed my life.  I strongly recommend her.”


02/26/13-Sophie A.

“I had a fabulous experience with Dr. Birjandi.  Her staff is friendly and Dr. Birjandi took care of my toenail fungus with laser treatment.  I only needed two sessions and my fungus was cleared.  My husband is ecstatic!  And so am I.  I’m so glad a friend referred me to her office.  It’s a very attractive and beautifully decorated office.

Dr. Birjandi also suggested products for preventing my fungus from reappearing.  I couldn’t be happier, because I tried a lot of over-the-counter products that did nothing at all.  She was very thorough in educating me on preventive care to keep the fungus away.

I didn’t have to wait more than ten minutes before I was called into a treatment room and be seen by Dr. Birjandi.

I also ended up referring a couple of my friends and they thanked me for the referral.  They also had a very positive experience with this very nice doctor.  I wouldn’t hesitate to return to her office for any other foot and ankle issues.  One of my friends that I referred had an infected ingrown toenail and Dr. Birjandi made it magically disappear.”


10/29/12-Paul J.

“Expertise, professionalism, concern & integrity are the qualities I’ve found as a patient of Dr. Birjandhi, being treated for Plantar fasciitis, several years ago, and most recently for a rather advanced case of toe nail fungus earlier this year.

All of the over-the-counter fungus remedies I tried failed miserably. I finally visited Dr. Birjandhi who recommended laser treatment. I started the treatment immediately with one follow up laser treatment. The improvement was startling and immediate. Following her long term recommendation to wear sandals with daily applications of fungus medicine, my fungus is nearly 100% eradicated and my toe nails are clear. I highly recommend Dr. Nahid Birjandhi for all of your foot care needs.”


06/09/12- Vicki A.

“I went to here for foot pain but also a hamstring injury and she was able to help me out with both issues. She was very kind that I also referred my wife to see her.”


05/23/12- James R.

“Superb podiatrist!  Dr. Birjandi diagnosed my problem immediately and provided the appropriate treatment.  I have been pain free for two years, and I am back to a full schedule of activities to include running, golf, and backpacking.  She has my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation.”


3/29/12- Clark C.

“Dr. Birjandi is terrific!  I had heel pain and plantar fasciitis which prevented me from playing basketball and tennis.  She constructed a custom-made orthotic which took care of all my problems.  I am happy to be back on the court and playing without pain for the first time in years.  Dr. Birjandi was a delight to work with and I strongly recommend her to any people with foot issues.”


11/02/11- Jessica C.

“I was very happy with my visit to Dr. Birjandi’s office. She was very thorough and spent a lot of time with me. I highly recommend her and I’m so thankful to find such a kind and intelligent podiatrist”


09/22/11- Matt N.

“Excellent doctor.  Dr. Birjandi is very knowledgeable and friendly.  I would highly recommend her as your doctor for any foot issues.”






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